2014 Pleasure-Way Prestige

By · December 13, 2013 · Filed in Class B Motorhome, RV Blog

The all new 2014 Pleasure-Way Prestige Class B Motorhome is built with expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The motor home is built on the Ford E350 dual rear wheel cutaway chassis. The 176-inch wheelbase sports fantastic fuel economy due to the 22-foot length of the motor home. The 5.4L V8 engine offers 255HP so there’s enough power to meet the needs of most drivers. This unique design gives this Class B motor home a sleek look coupled with terrific performance on the open road.

The painstaking care and attention to detail is evident throughout the design of the Prestige’s interior. To accommodate consumer needs, Pleasure-Way made sure to create a floor plan for the Prestige that offers a more open space than a traditional Class B motor homes without sacrificing driving flexibility. The floor plan also makes use of available space in a sensible way, giving consumers everything they need in a Class B motor home in easy reach.

The bathroom is something not normally seen in Class B motor homes, but Pleasure-Way has made the Prestige bathroom stylish, practical, and durable. Hand-built cabinets throughout the interior assures drivers that the motor home won’t needlessly rattle during trips. The craftsmanship of the bathroom extends onto the counter tops as well. From an aesthetic point of view, the Prestige looks just as great as it performs. This kind of comfort is great for long trips across the country.

Each Pleasure-Way Prestige Class B motor home is assembled and crafted individually. The manufacturing process assures consumers that great care is taken with each individual component from the nuts and bolts all the way to the framePrestigeFP20141 itself. Pleasure-Way does not use an assembly line method of constructing their vehicles, so individual craftsmen work diligently to ensure that each stage of the interior is installed properly. These craftsmen are focused on one vehicle at a time, making sure the measurements of the interior work despite any slight differences in chassis design. This means the Prestige you buy will have been built with great care and last a long time. This level of meticulous production shines through every component of the Prestige.

The Pleasure-Way Prestige Class B motor exemplifies a sleek design in a powerful package. Diligent, experienced craftsmen spend numerous hours ensuring that every piece of the Prestige is built properly, installed correctly, and made to last a long time. The refusal to compromise their product in any way makes the Prestige one of the best in its class.